Before assembling, carefully read the ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS and make sure that all the components have been assembled correctly. The Isotta-branded Windshield marketed and produced by ISOTTA SRL, provided they meet the ORIGINAL safety parameters, can be installed in place of the original Windshield using the same mounting kit. If not foreseen by the vehicle manufacturer, the mirror supports cannot be used for fixing themounting kit of Windshield. Therefore, where this solution is adopted, ISOTTA SRL, as manufacturer of Windshield, declines all responsibility.
We decline all responsibility for the product if it is assembled without respecting the ORIGINAL safety parameters. After 90km/h and/or in adverse weather conditions, the vehicle with the Windshield can become unstable so Isotta will not be responsible for any damage resulting from such incorrect use. Small variations in the thickness of the material, together with the difference in moulding temperature, could lead to the formation of slight visible marks on the product which are however ininfluent on its functionality. The products marketed by TÜV also include Windshield and/or windshields with TÜV (ABE) approval which, if present, is indicated with the relevant approval number on the individual product and the certificate is included in the package.
The refraction of sunlight on Windshield in certain periods of the year can create a concentration of heat that, in a few minutes, can melt the dashboard and handlebar plastics of the scooter. Therefore, it is necessary to park the motorcycle away from these solar sources or protect the dashboard and handlebars.
ISOTTA SRL does not guarantee the compliance of the products with the legislation in force in the country of use. Therefore, before using the products, it is the user's responsibility to make sure that they comply with the specific laws in force in the country of purchase.


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