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The story of Isotta is a story of passion, dedication, tradition and especially a story linked to his family and a land that over time has seen the birth of one of the most important Italian industrial districts, the Motor Valley. It all began back in 1922, when Mr. Celso Cesari gave life to his dream of producing bicycles by creating his first range of Isotta cycles and registering the trademark in 1923. The company's early successes led it to grow and overcome the difficult period of war. In the following years the company introduced several technical innovations, following and anticipating market trends, introducing new models of bicycles such as Cometa and Farfallino. With the aim of anticipating market trends, some models of mopeds equipped with SAMP engines were later introduced into the range.
In 1952 there was an important change of direction, Celso's son, Gaetano, took over the company, deciding to leave the production of bicycles to devote himself to the nascent motorcycle sector, producing a wide range of accessories for motorcycles and scooters, and so F.I.A.R. was born.
The enormous economic growth together with the great skills of Gaetano Cesari led the company in a short time to establish itself as a main player on the Italian national market in the production of accessories and spare parts for motorcycles, conquering both the Italian and foreign markets. As a result of this growth, in 1969 F.A.R. S.p.a. was inaugurated, located in a new and larger factory in Zola Predosa. In the following years Gaetano's sons, Massimo and Marco Cesari, joined the company.

In 1987 Massimo Cesari, sure of his abilities and following his passion for motorbikes, decided to found Isotta S.r.l.
The company makes its debut in the design and manufacture of accessories for motorcycles with a particular specialization in the development of scooter and motorcycle windshields. Over the years the company has grown and made its mark in an increasingly competitive market, thanks to the great attention paid to innovation, quality, safety and design of its products, trying to offer the best experience to the consumer.
In the 2000s the ATV has become part of the fun-pleasure of the motorcyclist and Isotta begins to develop many accessories for this new way of conceiving the experience on the bike, all this without neglecting the commitment in the motorcycle and scooters. In 2016 the passion, curiosity and the continuous desire to accept new challenges led the company towards a new sector, that of Ryker and Spyder vehicles where many innovative solutions were developed in order to solve problems and meet new market needs.

To date Isotta is a company that continues to have a maximum attention to the needs of customers and the market, trying to maintain direct contact with the same, listening to customer needs and continuously finding innovative solutions to these needs.

Technology, Design and Production 100% Italian

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